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Radio Paradise....Bluesound Node 2i


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About a week ago I discovered that Radio Paradise was available through my Bluesound Node 2i streamer. I was pleased to find that it streams CD quality......and it's free. It sounds excellent.


This morning there was an upgrade on my Node 2i. Got home this afternoon to find that RP now gives you the option to stream either in CD quality or MQA.


It sounds fricken excellent.


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Here are some more flac radio channels. These can be plugged into almost all software players or even browsers, so you don't even need a streamer per se. They all sound great and the programming for the most part is very good too. No metadata on the Naim channels though.


Radio Paradise:

mellow path : http://stream.radioparadise.com/mellow-flacm

rock path : http://stream.radioparadise.com/rock-flacm

world path : http://stream.radioparadise.com/world-etc-flacm

standard path : http://stream.radioparadise.com/flacm


Naim Radio:

jazz path : http://mscp3.live-streams.nl:8340/jazz-flac.flac

classical path : http://mscp3.live-streams.nl:8250/class-flac.flac

standard path : http://mscp3.live-streams.nl:8360/flac.flac 

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I don't currently have my Vault's analog out connected but I think I just may run analog out to my preamp....  I used the analog outs when I had Tidal.    Using Qobuz and RP mainly when streaming.   My DAC recognizes the MQA Radio Paradise stream as "  88.2k"  can anyone explain why?   It identifies the "CD" quality stream on RP as 44.1.

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