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Academy or heresy?


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Hello, several questions to ponder. I have a pair of Belles and thinking about adding a center channel. I have a academy and a pair of heresy's, which would be best? Also have the choice between a HK avr325 or Yamaha m45, c45, t720 amp preamp tuner. I'm leaning towards the Yamaha setup. I don't have the room for a full blown surround setup, just looking to enhance the pair of Belles. Help with some experienced advice please. Thanks.

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An industrial Heresy is even better since it runs about 102db/1W efficient making it ideal since the efficiency is very close to that of the Belle's.  I use two pair in my HT system, one pair as front effects and the other as side surrounds.  A standard Heresy is a much better match to the Belle than the Academy.

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What year are your Heresys?  If they're post-1985 Heresy IIs, with square connector pockets, you can update them to total Heresy III spec with update/upgrade kits from Klipsch.  I did that with the Heresy II that I was using as a centre speaker between a pair of La Scalas, and I was very glad I did.  It lowers the bass floor by 5 Hz, which was very noticeable, and increased the sensitivity by 2 dB, from 97 to 99.  Later, I got a Belle to act as front centre.  Along with improved sound, it makes a far better TV stand than a Heresy.  That Heresy III is still in use; now it's the rear centre in my 6.2 system.


Also, a strong vote for Yamaha.  Yamaha gear has served me well since 1974.

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