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Sealing the Lascala's doghouse.


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In a similar situation I used foam weather stripping.  Getting the right angle bend worried me even though I thought that under compression the bevelled edges (like a picture frame) will mush together.  I did not investige further.


Then I tried using the foam sheet which HD sells as a liner for tool drawers.  It was too gummy and would not allow the hatch to open .  You know the cable saws HD sells to cut PVC?  I had to get the cable in the gap but it was a messy job.


Next time I may cut the gasket from a yoga mat .









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Hi @KT88


The equivalent in Europe of the foam presented by @DizRotus is the Monacor MDM. It exists in several widths MDM-5, MDM-20, MDM-30, it is easily found on the net at the usual merchants in Germany and Europe: Thomann, TLHP, Lautsprechershop Iris Strassacker ...


Example https://www.toutlehautparleur.com/joint-adhesif-d-etancheite-monacor-mdm-20-profil-20-x-2-mm-longueur-20-m-mousse-pe-grise.html


In your local DIY store, window gaskets work very well in general, be careful to take the right thickness according to your configuration, neither too thick nor too thin.

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