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3 way K horns w/elliptrac mf and smahl’s


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I recently purchased an elliptrac horn kit from Dave Harris and coupled it with a Faital HF200 2” driver and Dave Ault’s smahl horn/lens and B&C DE120 drivers. Stock K-33’s in the bottom. I’m considering the Crites woofers atm. 

I CNC cut a new motorboard and made two new sides retaining the top and bottom of the “top hat”. The motorboard and sides are faced with polished finish black laminate. The left and right sides of the motor boards are laminated with copper. 

I’m using a bi amp set up with a DBX driverack 2x6 feeding my sub, the mains woofers and ALK crossovers for the mf/Hf. Amps are all Crown, XLS2502, XLI1800 and D-75.  

the sound is amazing to me, better high frequency and wider soundstage. I’ve alway loved my K horns and this is such an improvement in sound and can be returned to original form if/when desired.IMG_1940.thumb.jpg.2783b3281f3def95644f27adc18c6828.jpgIMG_1941.thumb.jpg.76e83367738420286ccc7975f8957324.jpg

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5 hours ago, Marvel said:

Beauticul! Which Driverack did you use? I've looked at the Venue360 as it will do 96kHz sampling...



I’m using the PA2, it is 48khz sampling. It fit my needs well and has performed

flawlessly…a lot less expensive than the Xillica everybody seems to love, and perhaps a less steep learning curve, and not Mac friendly.


I think the Venue 360 is very similar to the PA2 with more inputs and same number of outputs…no advantage over the PA2, for me anyway. It is dead quiet so far as I can tell and the control app is excellent accommodating all features and adjustments from your LP.

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