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What media player are you using?


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15 minutes ago, wuzzzer said:

The Ethernet port is for updating.


How many different means did they need for updating, 2 usb ports, 1 either net.  Guess they were concerned someone  wouldn't figure it out.  


16 minutes ago, wuzzzer said:

I'm just going to buy a larger USB drive (probably 128 gig), use my laptop to rip the audio as FLAC and listen through my UHD player.  It's simple, has an easy interface and works well when I was testing it out last night.

simple is best, glad you found what works. 

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So I bought a 128 gig USB drive from Walmart for $17.

When I was a kid our family's first computer used floppy discs with 640 kilobytes of storage.

The USB drive can store the equivalent of 200,000 of those floppy discs.  Crazy.

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When not spinning the black discs, I’ve mainly shifted to Apple Music now the catalogue is all lossless.  I’ve been using Apple Music since it came out, and prior to that managed my library via iTunes, so it’s all synced up.  I still have all my “physical” digital files, but I’ve moved them off the Mac and onto a portable SSD I keep plugged into my Cambridge CXN streamer.  

What I really like about Apple Music is its library centric approach, versus Spotify’s playlist centric experience.  I can listen on the go, listen in full high resolution/lossless via USB to the CXN and my PrimaLuna amp, via AirPlay to my Bluesound PowerNode, via the Apple TV, or on my Mac.  

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