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WTB Heresy w. Nice Wood


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I have a longer-term (6 months) need for a pair of Heresys.  1,2,3, but not 4.  Minor xover, other mods OK but not valued much.  Wife insists on living room quality cabinets, so not black, not birch.  Walnut, Oak, or anything unusual would be good.  These will probably have to be shipped to 56636, so original boxes would be very helpful.

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Actually, I bought those lacewood Hiiis at about $1300 shipped.  Absolutely beautiful.  They are now in the living room of our city home and I am lusting for another pair of Heresys for the lake place where I recently sold some LaScalas and now have big empty space and some wires lying there unconnected.  )-:


Budget?  I think a fair price for an oak pair might be $700-800 shipped.  Wood has to be living room quality too.  Time frame is 6 months, so I can be patient.  If someone came at me with some exotic veneer like rosewood, zebra, etc.  I would probably take leave of my $enses again!


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FWIW, the shipping on the lacewood Hiiis, 49# as packed, was about $80 each with $1000 each in insurance, going about halfway across the country.


I've been using https://www.pirateship.com/ .  Without their discount IIRC the shipping would have been well north of $110.  There are several of these discount resellers out there, but I have not seriously price shopped them.


Sorry to be slow responding.  For some reason I am not getting notifications of replies even though I have clicked "Follow Topic."


@carlthess40, sorry no interest in walnut, just very nice oak to match the room they are destined for.

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