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AK Network/ K-55-?


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If I am not mistaken the transition from the AA to the AK in the Klipschorn was done to accomodate the K-55M which as you konw typically runs about 1.5db hotter than the K-55V.  Let see what the experts have to say though.  I have never seen the K-51V used in a Klipschorn but many in the Cornwall.

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Turns out, only the EV prototypes/engineering samples were "1.5dB hotter” - more like a slightly elevated section in the FR.

I guess I will dump what I’ve learned here instead of Technical.

It started with some back and forth with John Allen. We occasionally trade email and talk a couple of times a year. So yeah, we were talking about K-55’s and his new driver - and of course networks. 

John Allen's response to my statement, which follows the most popular narrative.



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The AK-3 was the correction that maybe should have been done earlier than it was. The network is the same as the AK, with the exception of the shunt cap value on the woofer. 

So, it appears as if the AK was developed with something other than the K-55-M.


That’s the appearance - some of the dates I have could be off, and the information in the timeline could be incomplete. 

I don’t who is left other than Jim that can clear this up. 

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