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Dampening Klipsch horns for better sound - worth a try?

Josh in DC

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How many miles of caulk would it take to rope up a K-402? []

Coytee - 2006


The fact is definitely, maybe. There are so many variables, such as our hearing; the amp we use; the recording itself, and a lot more. 
As long as we're not tricking ourselves, I am all for making what we enjoy sound better.


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     The initial measurements were for singlets (one speaker treated vs. one speaker native), not a combined measurement of the treated pair.  For the higher register, I think my measurements were tainted by reflections in my room, rather than it originating from the speakers perse.  I've since repositioned the Heresy's further away from the 'back wall' so as not to be equidistant from the side wall.  Also, the speakers were raised until they became 100% pleasing to my ears, as any loss to the ported/lower register was more than compensated by my KEF92 sub.  Some other changes included changing my cables to HiFi OFC 10AWG and adding GIK acoustical boards to certain parts of my listening room to remove any prior hotspots.  I'm running the Heresy's with my Cambridge Audio EVO-150 + CD Transport. 

     As mentioned before, I heard zero change/difference in either the bass or tweeter sound after applying the damping materials. However, I immediately noticed a positive change in the midhorns. There was a prior hint of 'hollowness' which has all but disappeared. This was most notable when playing certain instruments such as the Theorbo or Claviorganum.  Some of their notes sounded as if they were routed through a paper tube but now their tone is consistent throughout their scale. The change was enough for me to encourage Klipsch with this post to keep testing different materials (or thicknesses) used for their waveguides as a possible Series-V improvement.   I'm guessing if you are updating/restoring an earlier heritage series, the above changes would have a more positive/noticeable effect.

    In the end, it is extremely difficult for me to explain in words what I'm hearing in person, as any evidence (measurements) of what actually changed seems nominal at best. I guess this is a true testament to the incredible design of what our ears and brain can monitor, decipher, and interpret in real-time.

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8 minutes ago, avguytx said:


No...please...don't get him started. ;)

I wish that he still posted as often as he used to.
His very first post in 2004: 



On 4/17/2004 at 6:41 PM, Coytee said:

Sooo many thoughts & questions...

Just found this forum and love what I've seen so far. I'm sure I'm about ready to say some things that are blasphemous to some...but oh well ;)



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