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300 B mesh plate tubes


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I recently purchased some Linlai 300B tubes also, just the standard ones. They are still breaking in but sound as good as Genelex Gold Lion 300B's for 1/2 the price. The Gold Lions have a thicker glass envelope and ceramic base which add some weight to the entire tube to give it a nice "perceived quality feel", but it's the internals that matter.  

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22 hours ago, bluesboy1849 said:

I purchased 8 Linnlai 300BZs for the Transcendent Sound Pinnacle OTL mono block kits that I've been working on. I have the first amp up and running.

4.9.22 Pinnacle Build.jpg

1st Pinnacle.jpg

300B Tubes.jpg


Sorry, not to break topic but what turntable is that? Looks nice. 

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