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EL34, 300B and the KT150 sound differences


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1 hour ago, CCG said:

The amp does what its suppose to do but its not the right application for my existing system setup and needs which is more in recording playbacks. On audiophile listening SE amps sound great and more brilliant even in lower volumes. But they need the help of a sub-woofer so it will sound glorious to fill the lower frequency. My other 300b SE amp is the same. But my 300b PP and 6c33c-b pp may not have the ultimate magic midrange a SE amp offers has but its close enough with the right setup. Anything below 100hz is magical and it doesn't choke on high volumes. SE amps are opposite.


We will just have to agree to disagree.

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I have said many times here having multiple amplifiers the biggest difference you will hear, with higher end well designed and built amps, is between a PP vs SE. The many better PP amps are going to sound much the same with some subtle differences possibly and the same can be said about SE but the difference is obvious when you compare the two forms of amplification. I like both types with SE being my favorite. IMHO serious audiophiles should have one of each, PP and SE for a change of sound. Keeps things interesting. 

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I have 1 single ended amplifier and 2 push/pull amplifiers.


The vast majority of speakers (some say all speakers) benefit from subwoofers no matter what amplifier (yes even high power solid state) is driving them.


I have heard more than one single ended tube amplifier driving full-range speakers (no not a wideband single driver) more than adequately. Amplifiers that would would have no trouble with KG towers, especially compared to a 14 watt p/p (mine is an Ampex 6973; have owned similar EL84 amps).



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4 hours ago, Flevoman said:

Too bad he doesn't suit you.
I hope that after the conversion, he will suit you well.

The only difference with my other amp is the bells and whistles of line in, out, 2 tape switch  (loops). I'm pretty much all set besides the last amp I need. My old 80's integrated recording amp is in its last leg. I don't wanna spend money on it besides putting my savings on the new amp.😺


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