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I usually have a very long fuse but Yankee got my goat faster than a pick-pocket in the Hong Kong Hilton. Kelly was actually the one telling me to take a chill pill! Imagine that :)

When it came down to his personal attacks, he just lost any credibility he might have salvaged.

Some football game last night, huh??

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Lordy. Only in this forum. I have to say, I saw a load of warning signals with this guy as the details of his purchases, amps, and questions just didnt jibe at all. In his original thread, he contradicted statements made several times but I thought it no big deal and par for internet banter. It was only in this last thread that things really started to come unglued. Believe me, I had no idea it was going to escalate to the point it did. I was waiting to see what he would say concerning the almost blatant contradictions pointed out in that post; frankly, there was no where for him to go but South... Still, I was completely surprised to see him opt for the complete erasure of all things Yankee over the early hours. I felt a touch of sadness actually, as ole Yankee was becoming dear to my heart; that, and I never got to hear his take on "Cary House Sound."

One of the fortunate AND unfortunate things about the internet is that anyone can say anything with little worry. Talking to a prospective date? Suddenly, you are 6'4, loaded with ducats, a graduate of Brown, drive a right-hand drive E-Type, and ready to roll. Ditto in the audio domain, where anyone can own Krells, Audio Notes, Martin Logan Statements, or even Pantheons! heh..... Who knows what was real. But too much seemed improbably at BEST. Maybe he was just easily confused.

Perhaps we havent seen the last of ole Yankee. I miss the lad a bit already. I was interested in learning the ASL House Sound or how his Rotel stacked up against the Pass Labs X-250. I have to admit, he did leave with a certain style.... Nice to know there is a way out of here that resembles a San Franciscan fog...


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Hell, I am now suspicious of whether he was even a Yankee. Kind of an anal type don't you think to go and erase every post and replace it with 'gone.' Not too sharp; if you are gone why would you bother erasing every post? Just don't show your face anymore. This board is a riot. MH, you are right on - anonymity allows some fools to go right over the edge. Not necessarily here tho' :)

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I was in the process of looking up some of the amps he'd had in his house when Kelly posted the bomb. I did catch the deal with the 6SN7, but decided to let it go.

Must have been tough going from Passlabs to Bryston, from Cary to Jolida, then Jolida to ASL.

Actually, that ASL probably sounds pretty good, I just thought it was a bit over the top dragging Cary through the mud.

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