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KHorn Tweeter Question

Dave A

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I have a guy sending me pictures of the tweeter and 1/2" motorboard on a KHorn.  It looks like studs or a bolt from the outside going in and 1/4" thread size with the holes in the K-77 flange drilled out larger. Is this how Klipsch did it or has something been done by the owner?

KHorn tweeter.jpg

KHorn tweeter studs.jpg

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Hi, Dave

That is the factory way of mounting the horns and woofers to the “ motor board” of all Klipsch speakers until sometime in the early to mid 70’s (73-74 74-75)  you can see in the picture there is a lock washer and nut on the K-400 horn.


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I have never seen this before and had no idea that Klipsch did this. I guess the oldest Klipsch speaker I have had was some H-700's from the late 70's.

14 hours ago, Budman said:

dave, when you made my set for my 69's i told you the bolts that came thru were not straight and i had to bend them a little plus i drilled out your lenses with the next size drill bit

OK I forgot that but until I had a picture in front of me today I either did not remember if you sent me a picture or if you just told me that, and I did not have a clear understanding of what you meant. KHorns are a nightmare of variables followed by La Scalas where K-77/EV-35's are concerned.


 Thanks for the info guys.

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