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45 tube amp full range?


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Anybody using a 45 tube amp to drive chorus ii or the likes? I know people have used them on Lascala, Khorn and horn loaded that are more efficient, but I’m not sure about more “traditional” speakers. Concerned that the flea wattage will not be sufficient enough and I don’t want to deal with bi-amp and active crossovers. 

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My personal experience is any speaker in the 90db + range will work satisfactory for most. Notice I said most. This will include any of the Klipsch line. A SE 45 tube amplifier is not going to shake walls if you are considering buying one even with K-horns or LaScala's. It is going to be soft on the bottom end with outstanding mids and highs. Like the WE 300B the 45 tube just keeps on going and going hardly ever failing. Those old tubes were made to last. 

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