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SOLD: Roger Modjeski RM5 Preamplifier


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Roger A. Modjeski’s design challenge in creating the RM-5 was simple: "to provide excellent sonic performance at a price that represents a great value to the audiophile."  And this goal was met as the preamp earned a Class B recommendation in Stereophile (Volume 13, No. 4).  In Dick Olsher's words, the RM-5's bass is "tight and extended," the mids are "clean, with plenty of dynamic bloom," and the preamp generates a "spacious soundstage with convincing focus and resolution of spatial nuances.” He described the RM-5 as a "very enjoyable preamp," with "no serious sonic weaknesses top to bottom.”


The RM5 has a line input plus two tape loops and a phono stage that accommodates moving magnet cartridges.  The RM-5 features three 6922 tubes; this unit has one Sovtek and two JAN Philips 6922 tubes. An interesting feature is the adjustable gain; see the photo for more details. The power cord was upgraded a some point and there are four AudioQuest sorbothane feet. I sent the unit to Scott Frankland to be gone through. Among other services, he installed eight new Hexfreds and it is now performing at spec. Dead silent on my LaScalas. Cosmetics are about an 8 and performance is a 9 IMHO.


$750 including shipping to you in the lower 48. Please email any questions. Thanks.

RM5 - 1.jpeg

RM5 - 2.jpeg

RM5 - 3.jpeg

RM5 - 4.jpeg

RM5 - 5.jpeg

RM5 - 6.jpeg

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42 minutes ago, henry4841 said:

If that were mine I would not sell it. Or at least it would be one of the last things I would sell. Decent price for the quality you would be getting guys.

Thanks. I think its a great value as well since it also has a MM phono stage. New tubes and gone through by a pro with eight new Hexfreds installed. The adjustable gain is perfect for LS2s; Ive been running it on the 18dB gain setting with no noise. I think you could dial it down to 14 with even better results.

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