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Restoration Project Klipsch KG 3.5 (KM 4) worth to do ?


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HiFi Heaven's advice is spot-on. That device is a power resistor, used to change the output of the tweeter to a level the engineers designed for. That resistor is standing on its end. The short lead solders directly to the circuit board. The long lead does that little U-turn then goes down to the circuit board.


On the backside of the board is where the resistor is soldered to the board and its traces. If you were able to push the resistor back on to the board the soldered connections are likely cracked. Heat them up with a soldering pencil and maybe a little solder added, and you should be all set.


Should you need to replace the resistor itself, from the schematics I've seen it appears to be a 3 ohm, 5 watt resistor and it might even be printed on the side of the resistor. They are available from Parts Express, for one source.


Report back with your results.

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So I did a *pretty ugly* solder job on the resistor and so far so good!  We’ll see if it holds up over time, but I can’t thank you all enough. This has been a bit of a saga, but I know a lot more now about speakers than when I started. My biggest stumble was that I bought a woofer thinking that was the problem. Anyone need one?  Is it worth keeping “just in case” or would you sell it?  It’s an original.  Thanks again everyone!  

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