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Oliver Sayes 45 amp in walnut base. Only had a short time, great with Lascala, Khorn Altec and or bi-amping . I’m in Chattanooga Tn and I’m willing to meet someone in any of the 4 major cities within 2 hours from me. It can be demoed here and sounds incredible with a pair of zu speakers I have. I have the packaging that Oliver shipped it to me in. This is designed to use a preamp but my buddy recently tried it on his Altec 605 without a pre and say that it was the best amp he’s ever tried including his 2a3 monoblocks. I also used it driven by a node and got sufficient volume for the zu in my large open living space.

This isn’t Oliver’s basic build it’s all premium parts
. Below is the description from Oliver.

The details, it’s a single ended 45 amplifier with 6n7 driver and 80 rectifier with ~1.7v input sensitivity for ~1.5 watt output. Parts are finemet core output/choke transformer, film power supply/cathode bypass caps, copper foil/paper/oil coupling capactors, carbon composite resistors, Teflon sockets,





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Christmas week bump.


Moved the 45 to my garage to try out on my modified Cornwalls, totally shocked by the sweetness and volume that this combo is producing in a large oversized 2 bay garage with high ceilings. The Cornwall will probably always be kept in my garage, but this is too nice of an amp to be kept for garage duty. 

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