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Difference between the "new" K510 horn with mumps and the K691 horn for the KPT-904?


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On 11/23/2022 at 5:09 AM, mark1101 said:

Could a 510 support the weight of a TAD 4002 driver when used as a tweeter above the 402 with no other support than the mounting baffle?


I would not do that and suspect too much leverage caused by the magnet of the TAD 4002. It would be too bad if the edge broke out of the K402, at least it could also bend slightly? Why not additionally support the magnet on the back - from the top of the K402 horn with a metal rod of variable length glued to e.g. a felt and at the upper end with a T piece under the magnet of the TAD 4002...and better still screw two hinges between K402 and K510 at the front so that you can modify the beam angle of the K510?

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