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How would (could?) you do this...?


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On 2/18/2023 at 4:51 PM, Coytee said:


...as long as you didn't inhale... :ph34r:


Heck, I clearly recall when I saw Floyd in 1994... when the lights went down....POOF, I inhaled more that night than any other concerts (plural) I'd been to combined.  (and I don't smoke at all and have 'never' ....  partaken)  


Yeah, just like there is in theory, a perfect circle.... there might be also in theory, a perfect square....but really, all one has to do is meet me and you will have met the perfect square.



C.2006 or so I saw Primus down in Atlanta at The Tabernacle.

Same deal, a green haze over the crowd.

I was near the back by the doors next to the bar and had some fresh air coming in from the street.

My buddy comes up and says there are a bunch of empty seats up in the upper balcony and we could get a great view of the band.

All of the smoke from the crowd was rising straight up to where we we ended up sitting over the stage.

After two hours in the green cloud, the drive back through ATL midtown was really really interesting.


There was also a pretty good haze over the crowd of around 90,000 people when I saw the Allman Brother Band, but it was outdoors so the effect was diminished.

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On 2/17/2023 at 6:55 PM, Coytee said:

Clever thinking!  I had not thought of a car unit at all!!

Still have the 110 volt issue with active crossover (unless you can configure the little amps?)  I know nothing about this stuff, I'm old school, plug in CD/DVD player, preamp, active, to amps...call it a day.


That process might not work BUT....  got to thinking about how could it work with 110 power...


Trying to simplify the complexity....  wondering if one could get a (example) 12-3 wire (or maybe 10-3 because of distance).  use a double breaker BUT, at the end in the field....  use black/white as one 110 volt leg, use red/white as the OTHER 110 volt leg so now you have two lines of 110 volt, both sharing the same common.  


I get accused sometimes of over-thinking things.




get an automotive crossover. @THD+N has used a PRV crossover in a home audio setting, but it would be perfect for your application.


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Guess I never updated this....  my apologies.


Neighbor was having an charity event at her property.  She's got a 12K sq/ft home and I think about 7 acres around it.  The vision was have this outdoor concert (a quartet kind of thing) out in the field.


Once the band got there, seems everyone had a different idea.  They also, needed power.  They set their stuff up on her (large) driveway and just plugged into her house.


Tents/people were on the grass island and food, goodies, auctioned items were all in her two garages (two seperate two car garages)


Charity event raised something like $60K to go towards renovating an antique building 'downtown' which is/was at risk of toppling over.  


I laugh when I say "downtown".  If you recall Mayberry RFD....  and when they went "into the city" they went to Mt. Pilot.  Well....  our "downtown" makes Mayberry look like New York City.  We have a single building which is divided into three businesses (it was the end unit of this building that had deteriorated)  We have a single stop sign BUT alas....we also have a red/blinking stop light....at the SAME intersection.  (talk about over kill)


Post office, old abandoned train station and someone's other building that is for either antiques or used clothing (not really sure) and that's about it!  All of that is on a 200/300 foot stretch on both sides of street.



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