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Completed: Preamplifier - Tube or Older Mcintosh


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Hello All,


I recently purchased a used pair of Bob Latino M-125s; also placed an order for a pair of Cornwall IVs, which are currently traveling to my place.


Now, I am looking for a tube preamp that matches well with them. I am also considering earlier Mcintosh Pres.

If you have one that is currently not seeing active use, I would be interested in talking.


Can either pay Paypal (Not F&F) , Cash(if Pickup). Prefer staying around the 1000$ mark.



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Something new with a modern power supply ?

What features are you looking for ?

Equalizer, phono EQ, inputs for lots of different gear ?

It's not tube, but if you score a McIntosh c-32 the swiss army knife of preamps you won't be disappointed.

Is there a specific pre amp tube you are looking for ?

Good hunting


PS put a location in your avatar, doesn't have to be your street address.


For the price I would try one of these cheapos, 900 4.5 star reviews can't all be wrong.

Look at the table in this listing. This unit supports lots of tube rolling options.

Might be a good intro to tubes and rolling for not a lot of bucks at risk.

You can front end something like this with a passive RCA switch that supports 4-6 inputs and 1 output, I purchased one as a toy for something like $40







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Are you handy? I've got a tube line stage SP12 from Tubes4hifi that I may be willing to part with.  It may need some work to make a little nicer looking.  Pm me if interested. Its a 4 tube 12au7 line stage.  Now discontinued and replaced with the SP14.  See link below, though no talk of the SP 12, maybe you can find something of interest on the site.  Looking at prices of new items, it would be hard going used. 




It would be similar to the SP13 minus the remote. 


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