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Identifying Heresey Tweeter

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So I purchased some heresey's today as I am building a surround sound system. I knew the subs were not stock but upon further inspection the tweeters seem questionable. I tried googling the serial number but no luck. I was curious if anyone know if these are actual klipsch tweeters with the pwk sticker removed or if its something else and what that something else might be?




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The tweeter, squawker and crossover look correct.  Their is no Subwoofer/sub.  The WOOFER is not correct, but a K-22-? of any variation will work properly. 

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47 minutes ago, Deang said:

According to Trey, a K-28 will work too, and will give the bottom a bit of a bump. 

There's a pair for sale in the 'Garage Sale' section.

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