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What are new reissue tubes? Ebay is selling new reissue Telefunken Tubes. What are these?


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Do you mean Viva tubes? They are made in Slovakia apparently. If so not actually Telefunken. Telefunken's are, were, made in Germany. On their site at Ebay. 


"Please note, this is a new production tube, made in Slovakia and NOT an original / vintage Telefunken. These are considered reissues."



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Mixed impressions about Viva here:



So far I understand Viva is a dealer and not a maker of tubes. And in the thread link above, some customers disagree with the way Viva uses the definition of NOS.


Regarding those „Telefunken“ tubes. I can't find anything new information about these American Telefunken rebranded tubes that were supposedly made at JJ. 



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