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Firstwatt F8


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The F8 is now discontinued but RenoHifi has some still left in stock. Actually have one demo in stock for really good price. Highly rated with power J-fets. From Firstwatts website. 



FW Product availability:

As we run low on the SemiSouth SiC Jfets and SITs without replacements, we are

discontinuing the F8 and SIT-3. F7 is still available, and new product is under development.

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I spoke with Mark a few months ago when considering and F7 or 8 ( ended up with a rare F5).I told him I owned a J2 he said the F8 would be an lateral move with little sonic difference between the two and recommended against it. That’s when he suggested the F5 he just received. Done a n d done - 

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