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SOLD: Klipsch La Scala Speakers - 1974 series - raw birch - Portland, Oregon


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  • Bob_PDX changed the title to SOLD: Klipsch La Scala Speakers - 1974 series - raw birch - Portland, Oregon
On 3/31/2023 at 3:02 PM, Bob_PDX said:

For Klipsh-related gear, I need to do more research, in the late 50's or very early 60's, before he met my mom, he built a corner Klipshorn, which I still have. I know that people often built their own replicas, but for a time I understand that Klipsch sold plans and components. I need to list and look up all the components and see if they are something Klipsch would have used/sold-to-hobbyists back then, or if he was just putting together what parts he could get that worked well.


The issue is that it was a time before stereo was commonplace, so he just built the one. Later in the 60's, when he upgraded to stereo and they bought their first home, there wasn't a good 2nd corner in the living room, so he built a freestanding Harkness replica, which I also have but it isn't functional, need to diagnose. The wood finish matches a mid-century style writing desk that he built and I'm definitely keeping the desk (it now supports my MIDI workstation). The speakers I will probably let go of someday, I just don't have the room, but I don't know how many people would be interested in a mismatched pair of homebuilt speakers, and I'd hate to see them parted out. I know the horn that he built has the high sensitivity of the official item, in 2020 when I was getting their house ready for sale, I was able to power the thing at a high volume level using just tiny computer speaker amplifier that was lying around.


One of our projects was building (what is now called) a "Virtual Pipe Organ" together, which for awhile used the La Scalas. In my current home they're just too big for the space, and the digital organ has been upgraded to 8 channels of audio spread around the room using more modest (but tall) home theater speakers from another brand, which also happen to match the finish of the console. In the non-audio department he was a specialist in radiation safety both in the military and civilian realms, and I have a lot of cold war and civil defense memorabilia. Back in the 50's he had a small mail-order electronics company (selling things like multimeters, signal generators) that used the family name. I may resurrect that brand someday. I even have the original phone # parked, just in case!

I'm in Portland and have a set of 1978 La Scala's that are raw birch. Exactly like the ones you have. If you ever want to listen for nostalgia lemme know. 


Also, if there is any other gear your parting with locally, let me know. I live in the Mt Tabor neighborhood. 

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