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Hissssss on One Amp Channel Only


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This is a new one for me. The weather is getting much nicer and lots of projects in the backyard. I fired up the Klipsch AW-650s a while back and all seemed good as far as I could remember. This weekend I had a pretty nasty hiss on one channel only. Did not matter if music was playing or not. If the amp was turned on it was hissing. Pretty loud, but did not get louder when turning up the volume. I chalked it up to 10 years or so of the outside elements or my Carver TFM-25 circa 1992 finally giving up the ghost.


Recently I was tidying up my digital library. I've got several 5TB USB drives that I backup my NAS to. It takes a couple of days to move 4+TBs of data and when it was done I left the external drive attached to the NAS for probably a week or more. When I went to collect the drive today I noticed it was not in the front USB port as usual. It was connected to one of the BACK 4 USB ports. The shelf for the NAS was pretty full and the cord for the USB drive short. So the drive ended up on the shelf above. That shelf was for the Carver amp.....and the drive was directly under one set of speaker binding posts.


I disconnected the drive, walked outside and the speaker in question was dead quiet. I guess the spinning drive and/or associated electrical emissions were being picked up by the amp's binding posts. In this case digital way more background noise than vinyl.😁

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