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Heresy I


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I have an opportunity to acquire a pair of these and the cabinets are mint.


Waiting for pictures of woofers, etc. Since these were purchased in the early 70's what should I consider replacing - crossover components, etc?


And if the components are available where would I source them?




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@Cwall4me -- as has been mentioned, the only thing to consider updating on H1s is the capacitors.  If they're from the 70s, then they'll have paper in oil capacitors in metal cans.  If those are not leaking you should be good to go -- listen away and enjoy.  If they're leaking or you aren't pleased with how they sound, they you can change the capacitors -- there's no need to replace anything else.  They're super easy to replace if you've ever used a soldering iron before!


If they're original, they've likely got alnico K-22 woofers and alnico K-77 (round) tweeters (they'll almost certainly have the K-55-V alnico mids).  You'll be getting a special combination of drivers.  If you keep them on the floor, close to the wall, and toed in so they they cross right in front of the listening position, they should sound absolutely awesome.


You'll be tempted to make alternations (from internet chat) to these gems.  Don't succumb to the temptation -- changes aren't necessarily better!

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