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RF7 & RSW12 Wall Distance


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Hi Everybody!

I have this bit older, but still working Klipsch Speakers above. But i am not very satisfied with the Sound. Do you have any recommendations for the Wall Distance and Angels for the RF 7 and the RSW 12?

🙂 THX for your Ideas




Markus from Germany


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You should toe the RF-7s in toward you.  That will help reduce sound reflecting from the side walls.


 For your subwoofer, you’ll have to experiment with it in different places in your room or download Room EQ Wizard (REW) and use it to find the best location based on the dimensions of your room.

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I also would move the speakers at least 8" or so from the front wall. And as much as you don't want to hear this, a little carpet in front of the speakers will help on brightness issues. I agree with wuzzzer on experimenting with the sub but corner placement should give you more bang for your buck. {Note: I just saw you are in Germany. I love visiting there and lived in Bad Godesberg, outside of Bonn for 4 years. 😊}

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Good evening to Germany Markus .   There are already a few German members in the K.C. who exchange information regularly. I´m one of these . 😁


After seeing your pic I think that your room isn´t ready for a better performance , as there´re to many room reflections , can´t you use " Audyssey " room corrrention " with your Marantz AV ?  Sure that the RF7 and the Center will sound stunning with the allready above metioned proposals from @wuzzzer and @Zen Traveler and don´t use the spikes, their are better for high floor carpets


You may have a look here for further info



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