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AI In Windows 11


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I have cold booted  my system (lots of stuff) since 1995. I noticed that Windows boots up in different sequences almost every time.  I would hope that Gates would use AI to get rid of all the problems inherent in Windows including the blue screens of death.


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By default the fast startup option in Windows 11 keeps a shut down and turn on from being a proper cold boot so you may be loading a lot of previously cached data/programs when you boot up.


Frequent patches and updates will interrupt the “normal” boot patterns as well.


We are running windows 11 Enterprise on around 200 laptops and have seen very few problems related to the OS.

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18 hours ago, Marvel said:

While 2/3 of our 300+ computer are using Linux, we've slowly been migrating our Windows computers to Win 11. They've been very stable. A bit of a learning curve for us, but overall ok.

I have Windows 11 with a passion. What used to take me 2 clicks now takes me 3 or 4. It's a bloated piece of crap and most other stuff detects it's Win 10 with more garbage on top. Changing the interface is even worse, but they have us by the low ones more than ever. 

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3 hours ago, ClaudeJ1 said:

I hate Windows 11 with a passion

I'm sure that's what you meant to type.


From a management point of view, Windows has some great features. Our linux desktops are far easier for our staff to use and easier for us to set up. Microsoft has also invested heavily in linux as well

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