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Laser Engraving - Free?!?!


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Hello forum members,


I like to give back from time to time for all of the guidance, cool ideas and always stimulating and sometimes questionable conversations I've had on the forum with you all over the last decade+ since I've been on here.


I have a laser engraver at my school.  I like to show students/parents how it works by printing examples/samples.  What better way to start a conversation that may lead to a lifelong  interest in audio and Klipsch speakers than to print out Klipsch related swag?!?!


This is what I can do. If you want something engraved, send me a message along with your thoughts and we can go from there.  If it's doable, send it to me!  I can do text, logos and simple images.  I can engrave on wood, leather, glass, acrylic, etc. and am limited to about a 16" by 20" print area. Material thickness is also limited to about 1.5" (So, probably no sending me Khorns... although you can, as I have never owned them and would love to give them a good listen for a week and then send them back, but I'm pretty sure no one is that crazy!)


All that I ask is that you cover the return shipping cost as well, as I don't have a ton of extra cash laying around as a teacher with two young children!


I thought this would be a cool opportunity to add some swag to our audio rooms!  Below are some early examples that I toyed around with.






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I am just staring down the barrel of my LSIs as I read this, and remember someone else pointing something out in another thread…


The “Klipsch” logo on their speakers uses a small “k”.

Now I don’t own anything current, so I don’t know if that’s changed, just passing on what little I am aware of at the moment.


But thanks for your contributions nonetheless!





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