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1985 Heresy II


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I’m new to this forum.  Last Saturday I bought two ‘85 Heresy II which was the motivation to join.  Like all speakers I pick up these need a bit of work.  In this case the cabinets are in somewhat sad condition.   Originally they are Oak Lacquered ( Hii OL).  A previous owner used wood screws to hold the boxes together were the original glue has failed and painted them with black lacquer.   Stripping them with lacquer thinner as well as removing screws, re-glueing and clamping.  
My question…..did Klipsch use a stain on the original Oak Lacquer finish before spraying the clear lacquer?

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While I can't offer advice about the finish, I can say I did experience something similar with the used Heresy IIs I purchased as I discovered them

separating at the corners. I do not believe the cabinets are held together solely with glue or I'd be surprised if they were.

I used finishing nails into pre-drilled holes to repair the cabinets. I countersunk the heads and filled the recess with a

color matched MinwaxBlend-fil Pencil. The repair is virtually invisible.

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22 hours ago, Illf8ed said:

Yes I did read it “This section of the forums is strictly for technical questions related to these forums or other Klipsch websites.”  Have I violated a rule?

It is a slightly ambiguous statement.  Basically it’s saying if you’re having technical difficulty with the forum itself or the Klipsch website, this is the section to discuss that.


The Technical/Restoration section farther down would be the best place for your question.

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