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Yamaha SP2060 DSP speaker processor - SOLD


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This unit is now sold


For sale is a Yamaha SP2060 speaker processor. This is a 2 in and 6 out unit.

The inputs can be balanced or digital (including AES/EBU or S/PDIF). The 6 outputs are Balanced XLR. There are 8 input filters for left and right channels and 6 filters for each output channel (PEQs, Lo/high shelving, all pass filter for correcting phase shifts, etc). It can do the usual time delay, phase adjustments and offers a variety of crossover types and slopes (about 20 different combinations). Of course the input filters can also be used for some DSP room correction if desired (I would suggest using REW freeware to help with this). Setups can be saved and there is the ability to remotely enter and manipulate the settings via a network  (a standard Ethernet cable and downloadable software from Yamaha called "DME Designer").  I have not played with this feature since I simply make the adjustments via the front panel.


The asking price is $450. If you want it shipped it will probably cost between $25-40 for shipping  within the lower 48. You are also welcome to pick it up in SE Connecticut (about 2hr from NYC or Boston and about 1 hr from Hartford, New Haven, or Providence). These units originally sold for about $2,000. 


Everything functions and the cosmetics are fine. 


Here is the manual that will give all the specs. Don't get frightened. It has a ton of capabilities and features but for what we do it is actually fairly straight forward and easy to use.



Thanks for looking, 














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7 hours ago, Marvel said:

Excellent price! Did you use this at 96kHz?


Depending on how you configure things you can have either 48 or 96kHz sampling. The beauty of this Yamaha unit as opposed to others (eg, some Ashley, DBX and Xilica) is that it can accept digital inputs. That way you can avoid the "extra" DAC conversion and its associated "noise". 

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