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Electret Microphone Question


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I have a RS Boundary Mike (clone of Crown PZM) that I've used for many years. It uses a 357 coin battery. I replaced the battery, but the mike barely outputs anything. It has sat up for several years, so I replaced the battery but still almost nothing. It used to be so "hot" that I had to use an inline attenuator with my cassette recorder, for interviews.


I *think* this is an electret mike. Do they lose their charge over time, and can they they be re-charged?


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If you need to get another one, we have used these where I work They are very good for the money (although the RS ones were certainly less expensive). These do require and interface with phantom power,



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Electret condenser mics do lose their charge over time.

I’m not aware of any way to recharge the capsule but you might be able to find a suitable replacement capsule online.


There is also slight possibility that the capacitor in power supply section of the control box has gone bad.

I’ve got a couple of older Shure SM91 and one is pretty much completely dead and the other has very reduced output.


Some of Audio Technica’s(and others) recent electret condensor mics have a much much longer projected lifespan due to changes in materials used and charging methods during manufacturing.

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We used a few at work, a couple in a conference room when our executive board meetings were held and stray members could connect with zoom.


We'replaced them with easier to use devices (we had these plugged into a USB interface).


My boss tried one at his church... put one inside their grand piano. He said it worked really well. It would have been best on the raised lid, but he had it under the strings.

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