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RSW-15 Started making a popping or thumping noise in pairs, looking for advice


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Noticed it just a little bit ago but happened very rarely I didn't know where it was coming from today we were watching Loki on disney+ and was happening every few minutes and noticed it was coming from the subwoofer.


I then ran a subwoofer test on youtube 100Hz to 4Hz and It seems to happens in likes pairs
thump - thump - pause - thump - thump - pause (repeat)

Take this part with a grain of salt as I didn't have a good angle nor have I really watched my subwoofer really before, but to me it seemed like the back/bottom was jumping out more so than the rest when the thump happened but barely so again take that with a grain of salt.

I turned it off for now as to not damage anything but curious if anyone has advice as to what to check? Or dig into. I love my Klipsch setup and ideally would love to repair it if possible. Thank you so much in advance.

Edit Just noticed I might should have posted this in the "Technical/Restorations" section but I didn't 😞 I know this community is great and I am sure people read multiple sections. So I won't cross post it yet as to not create spam but let me know if I should or I can wait if I don't get any help. Sorry about that! 

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On 11/15/2023 at 8:58 AM, Thors1982 said:

Definitely colder in my house now that its approaching winter. So not impossible its overheating but seems more difficult.
I unplugged it and can test this evening.

Also Zen is correct I don't remember exactly when I bought it but its closer to 20 years old than 2 🙂


 Klipsch has a special right now on their new RP subs the smallest version (10") for $489 has the same specs as the RSW-15 likely just over the cost of a plate amp service.




Or if you want to really shake things up the 1600 is on sale for $1169 that's a helluva lot of sub down to 14.5hz for the money:





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