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R12SW and R120SW differences?

gregory s

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2 hours ago, Frzninvt said:

Junk and junk.  Plate amplifiers will fail it is just a matter of time.


That's somewhat of an unfair statement-virtually all subwoofers of all brands come with plate amplifiers, no?


I think the OP is asking a fair question. Looking at the specs of the two subwoofers, the only difference

appears to 2lbs. in weight and the cabinet finish! I'd like to think that for the $300 price difference between the two that the R120-SW

has an amplifier that can more withstand the vibrations a subwoofer produces. It could also be the R120-SW has better internal



Which, getting back to Frzninvt's statement-I'm inclined to believe the most common failure of subwoofers is

due to the vibration causing amplifier component failure. The simple solution is to separate the amp from the

subwoofer-put the sub amp in the same location as the rest of the sound equipment and merely run speaker

cables to the amp.


And lastly to the OP, gregory s: Unless you hear some unusual sounds from the subwoofer or it can't play as loud as you want,

I wouldn't lose sleep wondering if the R120-SW has some magic sauce you're missing.

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On 1/1/2024 at 6:08 AM, Frzninvt said:

Junk and junk.  Plate amplifiers will fail it is just a matter of time.


Amplifiers will fail, it is just a matter of time.  Fixed it for you.  That's literally all electronics.  Kinda why there's an industry for it.


The only plate amp I've ever had fail me was on my old HTIB Kenwood SW-22HT 8" sub - which should surprise no one.

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