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DOL vinyl pressing controversy


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Interesting, I've always wanted to get more involved as to which pressing are the better pressing, but it takes time that i dont have at the moment. Great video with real world experience.  


I for one can't understand with all of this technology these days, that why the quality of vinyl pressings aren't more superior that what they are.


I am not a physical digital media guy, but do run a hi res digital download source in my systems. I think the good thing about download over physical is that you don't have inconsistencies between material.


I enjoyed this with coffee this morning, 


Thanks for sharing. 

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I appreciate your feedback. It's interesting what you mentioned on digital media. My listening buddy uses Roon with Qobuz and it apparently seeks out various res files. What's interesting about this though is that sometimes it will provide 24 bit files and 16 bit CD quality files and for whatever the reason, in many cases just the simple 16 bit CD files sometimes play even better than some of the higher res files. This stuff is way out of my area of expertise but I'm glad you just get the files you get and then you spend more time just listening rather than being tempted to test files all day. 

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