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Non-Klipsch On-wall Surrounds (choose or die)


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Lets skip over the conversation about timber-matching and get straight to it....


Klipsch does not make an on-wall slim white speaker for my small listening room. I am running Heresy IVs in the front plus an RP-404C II Center. For the surrounds I have narrowed my search to the Dali Oberon (white) or the Elac Muron OW-V41L. They both look amazing, but which will be anywhere similar to my current sound signature? Or will it sound terrible?


Note: I'm already running Klipsch RS-62 ii surrounds but they are huge and gotta go, therefore a non-Klipsch choice must be made. Thanks!

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A few comments.  I used LaScalas for surrounds at one point and found they didn't offer anything that Heresies weren't already doing in that role. So, I believe that smaller surrounds are perfectly fine.  Not tiny though.  I used some 6.5" in walls at one point and it was NOT good.  I recently switched all of my surrounds and overhead atmos to the JBL 8330a pro cinema surrounds.  This is the best performance I've had out of surrounds.  Timbre matching hasn't been a concern at all.  They don't fit your criteria, but I make the comment for a reference point.


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