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For sale: Cornwalls $1200 Speakers SOLD; other items still available.


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I have a pair of 1982 Cornwalls for sale for $1,200.  I am located in Dallas. 

I also have a Scott 299C amp for $500 and a pair of Polk 7s for $250.  







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Speakers sold
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Additional information on the Scott amp:

Purchased in 2019 off Craigslist.  It was completely rebuilt by Frank Mufich prior to my purchase.  I knew Frank and confirmed that before i bought it.


The following work was performed:

replace all electrolytic capacitors

rebuild the preamp filament bias supply left in a mess from previous repair

replace selenium bridge rectifier with Silicon bridge

replace voltage dropping resistors on the electrolytic capacitor upgrade

replace many out of tolerance stressed over supply voltage dropping resistors

replace plate coupling capacitors for tone section and line stage

intall ICL (inrush current limiter) soft start to make it last longer

install 10 ohm resistors into output tube cathodes for transformer protection

replace output tubes with matched quad Electro Harmonix 7591A

replace the phono stage coupling capacitors

re-bias output stage

clean and re-tension rear connector jacks, clean speaker terminals 

clean and lubricate controls and switches

test distortion, frequency response, channel balance and power output.


I later took it to Frank to repair a problem with the phono stage.  I have a wood case for the amp that is included in the sale but the current tubes are too tall for the case.




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