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Anyone Know These Klipsches?


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These have been in the family for awhile and need some help getting more info about them. Hard to find these drivers and horns and I can’t figure out a date. Please help. ThanksIMG_3138.thumb.jpeg.a5b1a626ec8ffc89678f955426233b05.jpeg






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On 3/24/2024 at 6:39 AM, Khornukopia said:

The reference cited is confusing, but it says the H-700 was introduced in 1967 with a K-22 woofer, not that the K-22 woofer was introduced in 1967. The K-22 designation for 12" woofers was used long before 1967, and there were multiple suppliers over the years. As jjptkd points out, these are not H-700's because they have the smaller 1000 horn.


The Klipsch engraved plexiglas badges predate pie slice badges, and the venerable vintage grill cloth matches the grills on some 1960 Klipschorns I once owned.

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  Model H Speakers H-WO -12  serial numbers  397 -398,  Signed by Lloyd McClellan ,  PWK's 1st employee and J.D Powell  , these speakers were Made sometime in 1962  .

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397 and 398 shipped 23 Aug 1962.  The logbook does not indicate destination.  It appears that the drivers are original, or at least "as shipped".  The logbook reflects a change in nomenclature from SP12B to K-22 in October of 1960.  Likely the same driver with the addition of a Klipsch label.  The component price lists also begin to refer to "K-22" in 1960.


When the Heresy came out in late 1957, the K-ortho-12 compliment of drivers was in place for some Shorthorns.  These were likely brought into Heresy service initially.

Pricelist 570101-4.jpg

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