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Marantz 2600 & Kilpsch Cornwall IV speakers $3,000 Cincinnati, OH

John Chi-town

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I go to the suspected scammer's fb page to see who has 'liked' their posts. If their names are mercan, and the likes' names I can't pronounce, then that is a red flag. One can drill deeper and go to the pages of the likes and see they are usually from the country of Scam.

The C4 and Marantz 2600 are listed in Cincinnati, the RTR is listed in Charleston WV, and he 'has' a Pioneer 1250 and Sansui G9000 listed in Jackson MS.

Sure, there is a John, Paul, and Jesse, but look at the other names.


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Scammer now has those ^^ and he has been busy today. 

Heresy 4
Marantz Cinema 60
Pioneer 1980 and 1080
Kenwood Super Eleven and 11gx
McIntosh 275
Yamaha RN2000
Marantz 2285

And more

If you can, please report the scammer to the admins of the groups

https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=Jamie Waltham


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