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Klipsch announces 14 NEW products at CES!


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Klipsch showed off 14 new products at CES. I just got back and I thought this would have already gotten all over this site. I'm amazed I seem to be the first one posting the great tidings. Some of this stuff is to drool about - new "Legend size" RF-7s ($2200) (remember reading rumors of new speakers with "some of the slam and emotion of the Legends with the detail and refinement of reference" - could this possibly be it??), matching RS-7 ($800) surround and RC-7 center ($800), RF-5s ($1400), RB-3 ($650), three new reference subs - RSW-10 ($1000) and 12 ($1300) and RSW-15 ($1700), an insane 15" behemoth model that I wanted to take home that moment, if only I had a crane to lift it (I believe it was mentioned that this unit could do 20Hz at 125 decibels with ease, but we need to confirm), new ProMedias (2.1s and 4.1s), new all-weather speaker and a silver colored Quintet. NOTE: all the prices are TARGET (not the discount store) US MSRP.

The RF-7s in the blond maple and in cherry looked amazing. Would have loved to have heard them in a listening room (even more, would have loved to have compared them side by side with some KLF-30s!)

I hope I didn't get any detail wrong - I'm just trying to give you all the gist of it.

There were no listening rooms, so I could only hear these on the open showroom - and as best as you can tell in such a situation, they sounded da%#$ed good!

Bad news - unfortunately, they won't be available until May. Another thing - most come in three great new wood veneers - cherry, a blond maple, and a new black cedar. All looked great.

Even more (I'm excited just writing this - and it's 2am!) I got to meet Paul Klipsch, and got an autographed picture of him standing next to the NEW KLIPSCHORN JUBILEE! Beautiful unit, 12 to 17K estimated, wood horn tweeter. Sounds like the design is complete and they're just working on how to manufacture such an amazing and intricate piece.

Also got to meet Bob G., Phil H, and best of all, Trey Cannon, who was truly as nice and enthusiastic in person as he is when you call or email him at Klipsch. In fact, all the Klipsch people at the booth were very enthusiastic about talking about all their new (and old) products, and were one of the friendliest booths there.

All, in all, I was really startled by the number of new products, and getting to see Paul W. live and see a picture of his new masterpiece was an unbelievable treat.

I need to get to sleep (long drive from Vegas to L.A., and I need to work tomorrow), but let me know if you have any more questions. I'm sure some other people who went to the show must have some impressions to share, too.

I have simple desires - load me a truck with some RF-7s in cherry (although I won't send the truck away if they're the blond maple!), 4 RS-7s (or maybe a second RF-7 pair and some RS-7s) and an RC-7, a couple of the RSW-15s (which could possibly set off the "big one" quake they've been predicting in California), five SA-3 all-weathers (why should the bathroom not be 5 channel too?), and of course, a pair of Klipschorn Jubilees in another truck once they're ready. Simple needs, I say.

thanks, all


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May????? You aren't as cunning as I thought! I believed that you of all people would've found a way to smuggle all of us some new Klipsch from the CES!!!! LOL. Thanks for the info. Of course this means that I will have to save my money and wait on the new sub. Too bad my reference system is less than 6 months old and that I won't be able to talk the wife into the series. When is the the next powerball lottery!


Come on honey why can't I spend some more money?

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Actually, it looks like some things should be available now - the three all-weather speakers, and the ProMedias. The silver Quintet system (with KSW-10 sub at $899) not until February. Alas, not until May for the rest.

Wife-said-no -- it didn't appear like the new Reference products were replacing the current, just adding to the line. I'd like to hear from one of the moderators, though, in case some current items might be discontinued. Charlie had good advice - don't try to replace your series, just ADD to it! So what if one of the sofas eventually has to go to make room...

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JJT - the RF-7 has "dual 10" cast-aluminum cone woofers in a tuned-port enclosure"

Here are the rest of the details: "Highs are handled by a 1.7" titanium dome compression driver mated to a newly designed 8" Traxtrix Horn, which features our most advanced throat geometry. A new tapered array network that provides improved imaging and midrange clarity handles the crossover duties. The RF-7 is fully magnetically shielded"

Bill, I would guess that the RS-7 would probably be a better match, as it has two 8" horns and a new 8" high output woofer, and it's in a tuned port enclosure (it looks like a big RS-3, with a port on each side). It looks like it will be a more powerful and more efficient speaker to better match the Legends. However, that's just my guess as I haven't heard them together - let's ask the moderators.

I have a couple of KLF-30s and the C7, and I had an RS-3, until I finally found a pair of KSP-S6s. I like the S6s better, but they were both good. I'd be curious, too, if the new S7s will be the better match than either of these.

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One of the biggest reasons I chose the Legends over the reference line was because of how well they played loud. When I turned up the RF 3's some of the music sounded like it wanted to break up. The Legends on the other hand just got better and asked for more, lots more. I really liked the openness of the sound on the ref line but the Legends were more accurate and dynamic with perhaps a more natural sound with some impact as well. My point being that if they finally combined the two sets they better raise production cause they'll go quick. I myself would love to go listen to them and one of those new subs. I have been tossing around the idea of adding another sub for movies.

Can you tell us any more about the new subs?

My gosh, I'm still in debt from all the stereo stuff I have now.

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I would have loved to have been able to listen to the RF-7s in a real listening room. They're about as big as the KLF-20s (maybe bigger, I wish I had brought a measuring tape). I would have definetely checked out this speaker if it had been available when I was shopping for my Legends.

About the subs - Here's what the brochure says about the RSW-15 (I loved this thing):

"The new flagship RSW-15 powered subwoofer offers best in class performance for those who desire a true reference level product. To achieve astonishing levels of low-end reproduction, a 15" copper-colored aluminum cone front-firing passive radiator complements a 15" copper copper-colored aluminum cone rear-firing active driver featuring a 3" voice coil and a massive 7.5", 30 lb. magnet/motor structure. The system is powered by a 1000-watt BASH digital hybrid amplifier with a full measure of inputs and controls, including an easily accessible volume knob located on the top front corner. The passive radiator design allows the RSW subwoofer series to maintain deep, musical, low distortion bass with high-volume output in the classic Klipsch tradition. These qualities make the RSW-15 subwoofer the perfect complement to not only the Reference series models, but also to classic Klipsch models such as the Legend, Heritage and Forte/Chorus/Cornwall series of products. The RSW-15 features matching Reference cosmetics and is offered in a choice of Maple, Cherry or new Black Cedar wood veneer finishes."

The RSW-12 has 12" drivers and 1 1000-watt amp, and the RSW-10 has 10" drivers and a 500-watt amp.

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that's a pretty interesting new design on those subs. is that 1000W peak on the 15? if so, figured they'd go higher wattage, but maybe w/ that design it's not needed. looks like they may have some answer to a servo w/ not as much clampdown (?)

they're calling legends classics? they're definitely history.


RF-3 (front), RC-3, Cornwall I (rear)

Velodyne HGS-15 sub

Monsterbass 400 sub cables & Monster Z-12 speak wire

Sony de935 a/v receiver

Sony DVP-C650D dvdp

Sony Trinitron 27" tv

Technics dual cassette deck

Technics direct drive turntable

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2000 digital cable box

rock on!

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I thought the LF subs were actually 1000 RMS for the LF 10 and 1600 watts max and something like 2200 watts max for the LF 12. The original LF 10 design was with a 500 watt amp and they changed it, so I thought, to the higher output amps before releasing it to dealers.

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still the rsw-15 has same wattage as the newer lf-10 did(?) i expected more amp power than the lf's had.

has anyone seen a passive radiator used in this type set up before? i haven't, but somewhat new to subs.

but klipsch seems to hate the servo, so maybe w/ this design they get some real slam out of less amp output than the vel hgs or sunfire while still keeping distortion relatively low. guess we'll see...

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we met also.

Phil H and myself played with the "new"stuff quite a bit.Even after everyone was going home on Tuesday.Sorry fellows,I never really cared about the Reference line.

THIS NEWER LINE IS ANOTHER STORY.I like it a lot.Even out in the open the RSW-15 was amazing,truly amazing.Handled what ever we through at it.

By the way,feeding this new stuff was the aragon soundstage pre,matching DVD player,and the aragon 8008 X 5 amp.Pre $4,000,8008 $4,000.The 8008 is 200X5.

The new lines finishes are beautiful.

The spl on the RF-7 is(i believe)102 and the RS-7 is 99dB.

They are an addition to the reference line.

They match.

The RSW-15 sub will mate with anything from Heritage,Legend,Forte,Chorus and all.

It is BRUTALs>!

Gerico,Trey and myself got to hang out for most of the evening.At least till 11 or so.Hard to remember how late it gets when your having fun.We went to the AV Science buffet and won some of the give-aways.

Also got a couple of pictures of Paul and myself.

One thing I want to add:the "neighbors"around the Klipsch booth at one time had a problem with their own demo,do you think Klipsch can get a bit load and over power the"other"guys?

One last thing to add,I would love to get my hands on 2 of these new 15"subs.

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