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  1. I think that the output of all three subs is nuts. I currently only watch movies at about 30 on the volume dial of my Denon 3801. This is a bit on the quite side, I do turn it now and again but I know that alot of the out put of the SVS would be lost on me. So what it comes down to is what sound good with music as that is about 80% of what I listen to and the reviewer seemed quite positive that all of them were good for this purpose. So when it comes down to it they are all solid performers in this respect. The SVS though is King of output and bass and if I had a sound proof house it is the one I would have.
  2. I was quite surpised to see this review of the RSW 15 was not even close to where Klipsch said that it would be. I remember BobG said that it would be able to reach the output that 3 HGS-18s could do at 20hz. That didn't happen. Although the sub is a monster to 30hz it just isn't in the same league as the SVS Ultras. I am surprised that the RSW 15 compares to my PW-2200 though quite well! I have the version when TN measured it to 91db @ 20hz and I thinkt 109 db between 30 and 60! Just shy of the RSW! In fact I would say that it is not at all better than the PW-2200 a sub I paid 700 CDN for. I have to give it to Klipsch and Velodyne though, their two subs are the best looking of the bunch with the nod going to the Klipsch (I like the woofers). Well Tom and Ron at SVS are truely the kings of bass. Ear I think given the budget these two guys could outdo every sub on the market. You should free up some room and finances and just get a couple, or 4, Ultras! Screw the cubes! (not that they are not good but 4 Ultras would be cool) I was really hoping that Klipsch would come through much better than that.
  3. http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volume_8_4/subwoofers-12-2001.htmlFollow the link. The RSW is a champ around 30hz according to the article but drops off quick afterwards. Ultra's are just plain awesome!
  4. The plastic inserts seem to be holding up OK but I do not know if they are sufficient enoungh to hold the weight of the RS-3. Any recommendations on what I can do for a really cheap stand?
  5. I have a similar question. I have my RS-3's between studs as well and I just have them mounted to the wall with those plastic plugs for drywall and #12 screws. Do you think that this will hold or should I mount them a different way?
  6. You guys should all move to Canada. I can go to the store and buy almost any redbook CD for around 14 dollars CDN in my neck of the woods! That works out to roughly 9 dollars US!! You guys are almost paying 30 CDN for these disks! Even on HMV.com you can find most cd's for around 12 USD, of course there is shipping on this!
  7. Hey Ear, How do the RF-7's stack up to the Sonus Faber Grand Piano? I'd be interested to know as these are one of my all time favourite speakers. Have heard these? I heard the RF-7's only briefly at Hillcrest HiFi in Addison, Texas and I was impressed but did not get a real chance to hear them. Sounded much more interesting than the Martin Logan's they were next to. Let me know.
  8. Stu, I sent off an email to Paradigms tech support and this is the response he gave me: ---------------------------------- Hi Ken If I correctly understand your question, I don't think there is any advantage for you to use an X-20 in your system. The PW-2200's built-in, Speaker-Level High-Pass filter is set at 120 Hz which is exactly the same as the X-20's. If you use this connection, no signals above 120 Hz will reach the Mains and, if you set the X-20's Cut-Off control at 40Hz, no frequencies above 40 Hz will reach the subwoofer. The PW-2200 also provides a Line-Level High-Pass filter set at 80 Hz. Sincerely, Gary Takeda Paradigm Technical Support ---------------------------------------- So as you can see running the wire from the speakers from the sub back to your mains would not be a very good solution. The Cornwalls should be cut much lower. Ken
  9. Do not run the speaker wire from the sub back to the cornwalls. The subs high pass is set at 120hz. You will cross the speakers way to high. Just run the wire from the posts on the cornwall or receiver to the sub and dictch the RCA cable. Set the Marantz to Large and no sub. You will be off and rocking!
  10. Thanks for all of your help. I ordered a Denon 3801 instead of the 3802, I got the 3801 for 1220 CDN which is a real steal, dealer cost! The only things I miss out on is the adjustable crossover and Prologic II. In a year I plan to add the Rotel RB-1080 and the RBM-1075 to really beef up the sound!
  11. Thanks Ear, Do you have any troubles integrating the sub at the 80hz mark? Currently the technics I have has a adjustable crossover from 50 - 200hz on the analogue inputs. Will it be easy enough to integrate my PW-2200? Thanks for indicating that the pre section of the 3802 was as good as the 5800. My main concern is to have all the features I want and still be able to afford a solid preamp.
  12. Thanks for the replies guys. Part of my trouble is I am looking at moving to seperates but I do not know if I will have the cash all at once to purchase the Outlaw/Rotel combo which is why I am considering Denon. How much of a difference do you think there is between the pre/pro section of the 4800 and say 3802? The outlaw my be stretching it where I can defintely move to the Rotel RB-1080 this spring.
  13. Hi, I am looking to upgrade my setup which currently consists of RF-3, RS-3 and RC-3, a Technics SA-AX7, SH-C500D, Panasonic DVD changer. I am looking to get a little bit more highend. I know that I can get a Denon 4800 for 1800CDN which to me sounds like a good deal. I was initially planning on getting the Outlaw Pre/Pro and mating it with the Rotel RMB-1075 (5*120watts) and then down the road adding the RB-1080 (2*200)for 7.1. I also thought that I could get the Denon and add the RB-1080. Which do you guys recommend?
  14. Boa, The velodyne reps actually recommend 2 of their CT-150's to go with Klipsch speakers! I have heard from some that the HGS-18 can't keep up. I would love to get one of the RSW-15 to go with my RF-3's. Or mabye I should get some RF-7's to go with the RF-7's!
  15. Hey RWMIN did you get rid of your HGS 12? If so, why did you? If you pick up that PW-2200 you will be glad you did, it can run with the big boys I am pleased with the sub, we all know Seb the bass fanatic is happy with it - you can't go wrong!
  16. Hi, You can't copy the movies from your DVD player because of the macrovision copy protection scheme that they use. I think there are ways around this but I do not know how.
  17. P, I am sorry. I meant to say "forum" for their customers, not website. I guess you are better at typing because you obviously have never made a typo. And I think you have done a better job at proving yourself a moron than anyone I have ever seen on the net. You constantly cut down other products and push paradigm. The people on this board are hear to talk about klipsch not hear about paradigm. If you have something constructive to say I am sure that people would appreciate it but you can't seem to do that.
  18. He posts here because Paradigm does not have a website for their customers. Just one more reason to buy Klipsch.
  19. P, I am really interested to know what you have at home for a home theatre. I mean I really need to know why you have this insane reason to continue to bash Klipsch. The Pro's and Cinema Series speakers are about equal, neither speaker unfortunately would ever be considered by an audiophile, get serious. They are not full range and they just can't dish it out like a full range speaker. I guess most of your info comes from magazine reviews. My home theatre consists of RF3, RS3, RC3, PW-2200 sub, Toshiba 40H80 Widescreen TV, 5 disc DVD Changer and this is soon to be powered by a Denon 3801. I need to get rid of the Technics Receiver (I ran out of money). I have auditioned the Studio 100's and I did not like them. For the monet I would look at the Energy Veritas V.2 Towers. Seriously what do you have? I am sure that others here are interested as well.
  20. P, I have heard the Cinema Series by Paradigm hooked up to a Denon 1601. Good, but they don't out perform my V.2-400's. For a powered system that includes every speaker for a HT 400USD is a steal, especially when you consider that the 5.1's accept line level inputs for all channels, anybody could go out and buy a Denon 1801 and run the preouts to the sub and use the 5.1's as there new home theare set up. I bought the v.2-400's when they first came out and then 4 months later I went out and bought the entire reference series from Klipsch. I auditioned the top Paradigm Studio 100 and I went home with Klipsch. I will admit that I do own on Paradigm product and that is the PW-2200 sub, it kicks butt. The cinema series aren't better than everything else out there, why don't you recommend the Energy take 5.2 or encore?
  21. I have my couch up against the rear wall as well. I just mounted the surrounds about 6' up and just a bit wider than the couch apart. Sounds great, I get the feeling that action is happening behind me.
  22. Actually that is Hofy's patented mobile duct tape mounting system. I hear it is a pretty good set up.
  23. Boa you should check out Outlaw audio's site. They are coming out with a product that will allow you to adjust the crossover frequency from you receiver or DVD player. I don't know much about it but the initials ICBM. It is an integrated controlled bass manager. It is for bass management for DVD-Audio players but you may be able to use it to solve your problems. Although running speaker wire to your sub from you main terminals is cheaper
  24. Check out Hometheater Forum. They are discussing the new Panasonic Progressive Scan DVD-Video/Audio Players that are new to the market. They are reviewing them and some say it is better than the Denon 2800. Defintely check it out because the players are selling for around 400-500 USD.
  25. I have been thinking of upgrading my receiver a lot and I do not think that I will after reading a lot of the posts on this board. Most people are really complaining about the built in sub crossover that recievers use for their sub out. The only receiver that I have ever seen that has a variable subwoofer out, from 50-200hz on it is the Technics SA-AX7 which can be had for around 300 bucks US. True it is only dolby digital ready but it is extremely flexible. The 6 channel inputs by pass this feature and utilize the SH-AC500D decoders for the DD decoding. I wish some high end receivers had this feature. It would be easier for me to upgrade. I have this set up to crossover with my RF-3's at 50 HZ and I have the subs input set at 100HZ so I don't miss and LFE information.
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