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Klipsch announces 14 NEW products at CES!


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Are we having fun yet? The show was great and it was a gas showing off what we've been workign on for the last months. More work to do before springing all these new beauties on the world, so I hope you'll be patient with us while we cross the T's and dot the I's.

I'll tell you something YOU can do in the meantime. Get thee to your nearest Klipsch dealer and tell them they have to display ALL these new models. Seems some may pass on the King of Klipsch Subs because it isn't dainty. Fer cryin' out loud, you want dainty or kick butt sound? Yeah, I thought so. Make that clear to your friendly neighborhood dealer. They complain that "people don't buy 15" subs". Well, not if they don't sound great they won't.

Folks, you will NOT be disappointed with the new stuff.

A point of clarification beyond what Deon offered. Those new RF-7's make use of a very sophisitcated compression driver which can cover a really wide range of frequencies. Go lower than the mid in the Legend line and higher than the Legend tweeter. Thus, while it costs us a ton, we were able to provide better sound with a 2.5 way design (tapered array in RF-5 and RF-7 is easiest thought of as 2.5 way) and use less components. Heck, we still feel that ONE way would be best but we cannot execute. Some day maybe.

Now, to tease all of you who have Incredible Patience, Klipsch has not forsaken the Truly High End. The project was back-burnered to get all these new models done, but you will eventually (and if you ask me when I will come and wire your systems out of phase) see product from Klipsch that is prepared to take on all commers.

Not much has been said about the Jubilee (different that mentioned in last paragraph) either. It is moving slowly, but steadily. Don't have price or intro date cause we are taking our (PWK's) sweet time on it. It'sa commin' though and for the fortunate few, it will be sweet.

Nice to meet a few of you "boarders" at the show. Thanks again for your incredible enthusiasm for Klipsch.

Wait'll you see what we have in mind now that we own a top-flight electronics company...oops, I don't think I was supposed to say that.


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"So the RF-5's are BETTER than the RF-7's?



The RF-7 Kick Major Tail. It's the premier Reference offering with the sophistication of the earlier reference products brought to a fine razor sharp edge, and the incredible dynamics of our Legend offerings. It is truly an exceptional product.

FYI, one that will find it's way into my personal home theater, along with the entire -7 line.

The RF-5 is the next step above an RF-3, not the RF-7.

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This makes me think of selling off my KLF 10's, moving my KLF 30's to the rear and buying a pair of reference 7's for new mains.

So much for that tonal match thing.

The imaging of the reference series combined with the dynamics of the Legends. Oh no, more debts.

I need a new hobby!

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What about the center channel? I don't see anything posted on it. It is bigger and better than the RC-3? Figured that it would be since everything else is coming out Bigger and Badder (or better..you know what i mean..hehehe) Thanx for all the info so far, looks like I am going to have to wait for these babies to come out.

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Does anybody know if theres any Photos/Pics of the Entire line of the New Klipsch speakers available other than the ones from the CES 2001 show?

I was Just about to begin to buy the Lengend Series KLF-30's 3 pair & KLF-C7 For my surround setup, Now I'm Kinda frustrated & excited at the same time. With the arrival of the new line. Will the new line sound better than 3 Pairs of KLF-30's for main side & rears & the KLF-C7 for center?

In terms of Impact, Slam/Sensitivity, Dynamics, Loudness?

Future Klipsch user John Joe

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So can someone tell me this, I'm on the verge of buying my speakers and reciever, I think I've decided on the Yahama RX-V800 for the reciever, I heard the rf-3's along with the ksw-12 coupled with this reciever and loved the power and warm sound.

Here I find this post about the new line, hm, I wonder, would it be worth my while and my saved money to wait and get some rf-5's and a rsw-12, rather than the previously mentioned setup. the black wood finsih is almost tempting enough in itself actually!

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Originally posted by JohnJoesph108:

Does anybody know if theres any Photos/Pics of the Entire line of the New Klipsch speakers available other than the ones from the CES 2001 show?

There's a advertisement for the line with photo in the Jan. issue of Sound and Vision magazine on page 105.

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I think it was George C who posted that the Klipschorn Jubilees could cost up to 17 grand.. now i'm just curious... if they cost that much.. well how expensive is that "truly high end" stuff gonna be? i mean damn.. now i really wanna be a millionaire maybe even more for all the stuff i want?? wink.gif

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could klipsch or anyone give the physical dimensions of the new RF-5 & rf-7?

particularly the width (i only have a couple inches to spare in front).

oh & though it hasn't been stated directly, it looks like the RF-5 have 2 8" woofs.

is that right??? thanks


RF-3 (front), RC-3, Cornwall I (rear)

Velodyne HGS-15 sub

Monsterbass 400 sub cables & Monster Z-12 speak wire

Sony de935 a/v receiver

Sony DVP-C650D dvdp

Sony Trinitron 27" tv

Technics dual cassette deck

Technics direct drive turntable

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2000 digital cable box

rock on!

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