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Klipsch announces 14 NEW products at CES!


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RF-5 and RF-7 will approximate efficiency of KLF-20 and KLF-30.

Y'know, you cannot judge sound Quality from driver Quantity. Using that approach would suggest a Fiero and a Ferrari should sell for the same $ and deliver similar satisfaction. Not even close.

The RS-7 surround is going to be a BIG favorite with this crowd and I believe the RF-7 will be a new "reference" point. They are That Good.

OK, I'm sounding too much like a sales guy so I'm outta here.

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Thanks Bob!

I'm planning on going the way of the low-powered single ended triode amp, so I wanted to know if I was gonna get a little more juice out of the RF-7 than out of my lovely RF-3's. Looks like the new spiks will hit over the 100 mark. I can't wait!!!!

Any idea how low the impedance will go on the RF-7 and RF-5?


May the bridges we burn light our way....

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It's May now people! Still no reference 7 sightings. Im going crazy here waiting as I finalize my new home theater setup (less speakers). Any info would be greatly appreciated. Or just send a few sets to Tri-City Electronics in Conover smile.gif


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I was reading this and was like... A new legend rf-7 with matching rs-7 and rc-7... And thought omg, I must get these new improved versions. The rsw-15 is a sub i still needed tracking down, but I can just get this new one... Then I saw the time stamp and realized... I have these legendary speakers. Really a gorgeous set if you ask me!

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