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klipsch tee shirts????


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Thanks for the kind words, Boa. Fortunately, some years ago after breaking my neck I developed the ability to create endorphins at will... so I do the dental bit awake and provide my own pain blocking. But, I have to be careful. Once, an important diagnosis was missed because I had blocked too large an area. Your words led me to a frosty mug of Tennants and a "Braveheart" tavern scene.

BTW, there are many oldies but goodies that are now being released on 5.1 DVD's... like "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" in dts. It has an extra disc of stuff that is more interesting than most... particularly how the director got such a good response out of the 3.5 year old star... who had never seen a movie prior to being in one. Now grown up, he has some very interesting recollections of making the movie.

Between Klipsch Legendary sound, 6.1 from 5.1 DVD's and my RPHD Mitsu, movies ARE better than ever!

cwm40.gif All of which makes me wonder why this thread does not kindle a tee shirt making contest? HornEd

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Found it! My vintage 1982 (or thereabouts) Klipsch T-Shirt. Front says:



A Legend In Sound

Back says:



PWK Logo

DAMN!! It doesn't fit anymore.cwm14.gif

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My vintage shirt says: (front) Klipsch A Legend In Sound (back) Meet Me Where There's Music PWK Logo. Hang on to that shirt, you'll find almost nothing with the PWK logo anymore.

BTW, I've been to the factory about a dozen times or so in the past year. No shirts, coffee mugs, caps... well you get the idea. Once upon a time, they had all that stuff for the employees and "walk ins". They are waiting on a shipment that never seems to come. Seems even the factory is having trouble getting these items.


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Mdeneen, you've hit yet another hot button! In the past I have contributed hi-res digital photos (Current cameras include an Olympus E-10 4.1 megapixel with a great lens. It dumps straight into a PC via USB. My son and I exchange hi-res photos through high speed fibre optic cable access), have collaborated on many commercial tee shirts with a friend who has done about half of the top ten Harley tees of all time. I also have the ability to create high quality custom type fonts for special purpose use. I don't have the Klipsch in my collection that you desire... but we ought to find something between Healdsburg and S.F.

As a fellow artist, I want you to know that I have no exploitive ideas toward your ideas... just a keen interest in seeing such a project through!

As a retired businessman, the Klipsch market is probably a thin enough to make this a "Labor of K cwm38.gif" But, it is something that seasoned K-Forum could truly enjoy.

cwm40.gif Maybe we could take up a collection and provide key Klipsch Forum personnel with an "Unofficial Irreverant Closet K-shirt" for all the good swift kick-in-the-posts they have shared... HornEd

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Hmm..no access to a digital camera right now. I'll post the pics if I can gain access to a camera. Unfortunately the shirt is a little worn, but a creative touch-up artist would (I think)be able to create an image. The PWK logo is a registered trade mark. Not sure what Klipsch would say about reproducing it on tees or pics posted to their forum.

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I sincerely doubt Klipsch would have any complaints about showing their logo on their tee shirt on their Forum. But, by no means should any PWK or Klipsch logo be used without appropriate permission. We are a society of laws, and if we expect equal protection under the law, so does any bona fide copyright, trademark or patent holder. Klipsch has a good thing going on this BB... and so do we... As consumer and manufacturer, we hail from different sides of the cash register... but our greatest mutual benefit comes from working together.

Gee, and I thought the patriotic speeches and the Fourth of July was to be on Wednesday. Hey, what happened to the Uncle Sam Smiley? Hmm, this paragraph doesn't seem to play well in Quebec. Anyway, Happy Holiday (as the case might apply)! HornEd

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I put my hand up for one of them tee shirts. I know I am still just a newbee on this BB compared to some of you guys, I was first Klipsched in the earily '70's

and promise I will get my posts up if there's a shiny new tee shirt on offer.


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