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Marantz SR-8200 & KLF-30's


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I need some help setting-up my marantz sr-8200. I'm getting good highs and mids, but my low end is lacking. These 30's should be rattling the nails out of the house and I'm not getting that. Tried adjusting the bass to +6 bd and treb to -6db and I get OK bass. Is there a setting on the receiver that I'm missing?

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I have the same reciever. I futzed with it for about a year looking for good stereo music sound from it, then bought a $300 Decware tube amp and never looked back. I've been told, and now I believe, it is VERY difficult to get good 2-channel sound out of most HT receivers. BTW the 8200 is a GREAT HT receiver. For movies and 5.1/6.1 music it works very well in my house when it's hooked up. Which is rare because we're usually listening to music.

Good Luck,


PS I believe it has a "Cinema Bass" button or something of that nature. Try using that. I wish I could be more sure, but I'm at work now. The "Cinema Bass" feature may have been on my previous receiver (Sherwood-Newcastle).

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Agreed with Chris above. I have not heard an mid-level AV receiver do 2 channel audio well either. There is so much relying on ONE POWER SUPPLY and usually a mediocre one at that. Still, Dean's questions are important too. It's not just in the amp as much as system and placement. But I do think it will be hard to get great sonics from the typical AV receiver, unfortunately.


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Before you give up on the Marantz, I suggest that our systems have similar capabilities, and the bass that eminates from my system is quite agreeable. Unfortunately, we might be looking for different things from our systems that may influence our expectations, including what we desire in bass response. Still, when I want to rock, as I did last night, I got my Marantz to make my speakers rumble with authority. I usually listen to my system with the "source direct" setting engaged, bypassing the tone controls and other preamp functions. Therefore, I'd make sure all else is equal before drawing any conclusions.

My Klipsch sounded fair on bass before I aquainted them with the corners of the room. Since then, bass heaven. Therefore, take a look at your room, and see what if anything is necessary to improve accoustics. You might do well describing the layout of your system/room to the forum members here, and see what feedback you get that might be helpful. It might be a simple fix.

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how about starting with checking polarity; plus to plus and minus to minus. geesh! i actually made this error15.gif the other day when hooking up my heresey 2's, and i install all the time(it was the small holes in the binding posts,i set the wire down,then put it in wrong-DOH!! )

other than that you SHOULD be rattling the roof off the house!

also please check the receiver's bass mgmt./speaker/subwoofer settings...VERY important!!


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