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There's something about this TT.....


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Maybe it is the perfect simple lines of the thing - but I am thinking seriously about bidding for it. I wonder how it sounds? Anyone got any experience? I plan to mate it with my Clearaudio Virtuoso 2 and project phono box but I am not sure where to put it - the bedroom perhaps...

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I've never owned one and I think that the vintage Michell TTs are cool - especially the "2001 - A Space Odyssey" Transcriptors and Prismas but from what I gather, they are difficult to set up and maintain, very finicky and they run a bit "loose" compared to more modern designs. As a result, the sound you get is somewhat compromised and the TTs are IMO, best suited as museum pieces. But they do look cool!

Have fun -Bryan

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Audio Flynn has the "J.A.MICHELL Focus One S" if I remember correctly. The S version has a better platter and I believe a better motor.

Would I get this table in the auction? Not based on the table you already have as I dont see the table or the arm as an upgrade really. These tables were made in the 70s. Unless you want table for a second system that has some of this style, why not go with a table that would offer a serious upgrade over your Project option? That table is at about $400USD right now. That is starting to get into some serious ducats for a lateral or less move IMO (this depending on the condition). That table is different from yours in that it does employ a suspension and has the metal platter over the acrylic (trying to remember which Project you have). It was Michell's lowest cost option of the day.

If it was in the 200USD range, it would be a compelling buy.


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An old friend!!!! This was actually my first serious TT. Unfortunately my gear at the time wasn't quite what it is now, so my opinion should be considered in this light:

In terms of looks it is indeed nice, but for sound it will quite probably lack substance/body. The problem is that it is a rather light-weight TT and IMO that shows itself in the sound. Apart from changing the arm there isn't too much that can be tweaked. You might try adding some 'weight' under the chassis, but for the price asked (aren't we talking about Eur 300?) I'd rather look somewhere else....okay, I won't mention Thorens again - no affiliation2.gif .


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Another good table from days of old is the CJ Walker CJ55. I had one for a long time and with a good arm works great. Only thing is you have to walk very lightly. I've seen them on ebay around $400 with Linns lowest priced arms of the time Linn Basic LVV/LVX.


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Great info and feedback - thanks guys:


Happy coincidence that you owned one. I suspected it wasnt the best on the market - but I just loved the simple uncluttered looks of the thing (the photo does not show it quite as well as others I have seen).


I was not looking at this as an upgrade to mine - frankly I think mine will have it beat in all sonic areas - it was more of a bedroom addition that looked cool.

As it happens the upgrade of my table is now firmly on the back burner. I have had several people with fairly serious high end tables take a listen and their faces said it all. Of course the table all up with phono stage, arm and cartridge is now the wrong side of $2000 so we should expect it to play rather better than the standard RPM4 - which in itself garners some remarkably good reviews in standard form.

As it stands now I do not see any area I am buring to change on the system. Of course this may change in the fullness of time (doesnt it always) but my focus is currently entirely on my vinyl collection.

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They were never difficult to setup, it was more of the end user who was not capable enough. Also Michell did not start to make turntables till 1973 when my father moved out of his factory at 2 Theobald Street, Borehamwood and to a much bigger factory in Ireland and gave Michell a licsense to produce the Hydraulic which was cancelled in November 1973


Michael Gammon

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