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Electrovoice Aristocrat


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Looks like I picked-up a new-to-me pair of speakers. This is the main text of the advertisement. Does anyone have any experinece with these speakers? Any information?

I live in Ottawa and have agreed to meet the seller half-way to pick them up on Friday.

Looking forward to the weekend!!!



I have for sale a pair of original Electro-Vvoice Aristocrat compact corner-horns (restored). These speakers were designed by Paul W. Klipsch for high end home audio.

They are finished in a deep Bombay mahogany red colour and have the original metal decorative grids.

Inside is a pair of the famous EV SP12B fullrange 12" drivers. I have upgraded the original tweeters (t-35) to Heil Air Motion Transformers (with 1st order x-over) for sweeter and more detailed high frequencies.

The efficiency of these speakers is around 96dB. This makes them a perfect match for Single-ended amps (I use a 1.8 watts Decware Zen and can drive them very loud).

I am letting them go for 450$ (firm). Pick up in Montreal preferred, but I could deliver them within a reasonable distance.

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I would love to see a picture of them. If they are as advertised they will be beauties, real collector's items.

I built an EV Aristocrat cabinet when I was in college in the early sixties but I don't remember what speaker(s)I had in it. But the cabinet is a timeless design, and very attractive to boot.

I leave it to others to judge whether < 2 watts are sufficent to drive your new speakers. 104-db Klipschorns OK, but I don't know how loudly your less efficient speakers will be able to play. Tom

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BClarke, thanks very much for the steer to www.hifilit.com. What a great site! The Karlson and Electro-Voice entries sure brought back memories of me in my teenagerhood just getting into this hobby and droooling at such unattainable holy grails. And the MAD magazine spoof on hifi is dessert.

Y'all go take a look. You'll have fun. Tom

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I think you'll love those speakers. I've heard the EV Patrician several times. It has the bass horn designed by Klipsh as well. Though the aristocrat may be smaller (Patrician used a 30inch woofer), it probably has a similar signature. Maybe its to the Patrician what the LaScalla or Belle are to the Khorn??


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Actually, the Aristocrat is only vaguely like a Shorthorn. It's much smaller, and is designed for 12" drivers. The rear loading of the driver is much more involved than the Shorthorn's too. The cabinet must have been a real hassle to make - lots of odd angles. The Aristocrat was kind of the "utility infielder" of the Electro-Voice line and sold for what seems like decades. They're usually found nowadays in that real pretty reddish mahogany, although there are walnut and blonde ones out there too.

The Patrician is a whole 'nother proposition. I had no idea how massive they were - especially the IV - until I saw one.

The Aristocrat made PWK's list of "Great Major Breakthroughs," but then again, so did the JBL Hartsfield, Jensen Imperial, Altec Laguna, and Shorthorn, so it's not keeping bad company. 9.gif

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Got them home on Friday. Hooked them up (could not place in corners yet) on either side of the fireplace. Disconnected the RF3IIs temporarily, and they sound amazing. My wife likes the looks of them, and prefers them over the RFs sound-wise. They totally exceeded my expectations.

My next project is to revamp a room in the basement that will house these little beauties in a dedicated 2-channel listening environment. Should be able to happen in the next couple of months. In the mean time, I have to place them in storage.

The sound is so smooth, that it is hard to believe that these are approx. 40 years old. I guess quality is quality.


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I believe the Aristocrat is really a Rebel, probably a III or IV. It is smaller than the Shorthorn 15. There was a Shorthorn 12, but I've never seen the 12's dimensions.

There is a guy in Nebraska that has lots of them. He is supposed to call me back and tell me what he has and if he has any Shorthorns.

Warning: He is convinced that Mr. Paul worked for E-V and Klipsch speakers are licensed from E-V, especially the K-horn.


402-554-0123 or 800-831-0123

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