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Hi All

a few years ago I obtained the "House Wrecker"

subwoofer plans from Decware.I spent a weekend building the enclosure out of 1"MDF and used

2 JL-15-W6 subs installed in the enclosure

I could never get it to sound quite right

I had plenty of SPL but the lower octaves sounded

a little Tubby.after numberus attempts of correcting this it finally ended up in the wood pile

I ended up building 2 ea 3^ft enclosures and installed the JL's in them.I still use them in my Living room system and I am very pleased with the way they turned out.I used Box Plot ver 3.0 to calculate the internal

volume and port size and length.

Moral of the story is somethimes its better to

be Square than Exoticcwm6.gif

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HTxpert the JL Audio bass drivers dont give hreat results in this type of "box".Most JL Audio bass drivers must be cut very low to give good resulta and need BIG amp power and good damping.

I did build several subs from plans found on the net and the choice of driver is even more critical in this type of horn loaded design.

Its better to build a simple ported or sealed box.Often the results will be better and less work is involved.

The best sounding subs I heard are sealed(could use passive radiators)or ported.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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