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Weekly Music Recommendations by Members-July 6


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Welcome to the weekly spot for offering suggestions to your fellow members on music you think is worth sharing. The first week started well with several interesting and well recoded suggestions by a number of folks. Several of them are going on my "to buy" list.

The format is simple: name of group/individual; type fo recording (cd/lp etc.), type of music (jazz, rock as best you can) and any comments you may wish to offer.

OK we've spent all this money on gear so let's feed these beasts with some serious tunes.

I'll start with:

Cassandra Wilson "New Moon Daughter", cd, jazz. Wonderful mood music from a stellar voice.

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This one been around for a while, I think it is one of the best-recorded albums ever. The music is great to. Just my opinion of course.

SuperTramp Brother Where You Bound CD rock.

Still rivals the best sounding CDs of today.

Second CD I bought back in 1985 after the purchase of my first CD player. I remember this so well because my father and I got into a big argument about the CD player. He thought it was a waist of money. I argued that it was going to take the LP market. He totally disagreed.

I will say this; CD may have taken the market but the LPs played on the right equipment still sound better in my opinion.

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The new one from Black Label Society, Hangover Music Vol VI is very good. Anyone that wants to hear some guitar mastery will love this CD. Zakk Wilde is amazing on this release. The songs are all top notch. Anyone that likes old school rock with a new twist must add this one to their collection.

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To offer a very different selection from those listed above, I nominate the Desert Island/Verve remastered CD of 1963's "Getz/Gilberto" (Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto), which features the original recording of "Girl from Ipanema." I am usually not the biggest fan of this Brazilian Bossa Nova jazz genre, but the fantastic remaster of this recording, along with the simple close miking of the vocals and sax, make you feel like the musicians are in the room with you. I rarely/never use the word "sublime," but I think it is an apt description of this famous recording. I first heard it about a month ago at a friend's house, and and immediately had to get it myself.

PS: Thebes, thank you for keeping this a recurring thread every week; recommending music and movies to others is a vastly underused function of the forum.

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