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Dude Where's My Car!!!


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ColterPhoto1 came over last night, parked his car in my driveway and came in to finally hear my system(s). His younger brother and I go back to 5th grade together.

Only Problem was, he forgot to put the parking break on, and not in gear it slowely rolled over the edge of the driveway down a hill... It hit a tree to stop it from hitting the neighbors house...... And rolled to a stop.

One of those Homer Simpson Moments frozen in time DOH!

Thank goodness no one was/is hurt, it will take some body damage on the upper right front but everyone is fine. AAA had to winch the car out 50 feet back up the hill.

Michael, obviously shaken up a bit, stayed a bit to calm down. I hope he doesn't beat up on himself too much. Accidents happen, no one was hurt, and it could have been MUCH MUCH worse.

Anyone who knows how to post the pic in this thread feel free.

Good lesson here if you have a manual car...

USE the parking break!!

This view is from my back porch. The tree on the far right saved the day! You can imagine my neighbors look on their face when they saw this too, in their back yard!


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I used to have a 280zx and I walked out of a restauraunt to find it setting in the middle university avenue a very busy street fortunately it was ok but it was very unsettling indeed. It turns out the 280zx was famous for this problem.

Glad no one was hurt!

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Happened to my wife once in Atlanta. She'd parked the car on the street outside the church, on Sunday morning. The car rolled down the hill, backwards, about 150 feet, fortunately avoiding cars parked on both sides of the street, until it swerved back to the side and rolled up the guywire on a power pole. No lie. It was a Plynouth Reliant station wagon and it ended up with only the front two wheels on the ground. It did tear the vinyl bumper guard on the rear, but other than that, no damage. Tow truck just pulled it down off the wire and she drove it home. Her lucky day, mine, too.

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