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Perstian--The KLF-30 was the kind of speaker old PWK would have designed (which is good), the RF-7 is more along the lines of an "audiophile" speaker (which is generally bad). The main difference is that in the KLF the midrange above 800 cycles was carried by a horn loaded compression driver (good), with the RF-7 the cone woofers carry much of that range by running up to 2200 cycles (bad). The more of the range carried by a compression driver-horn and the less carried by a direct-radiator such as a cone woofer the better a speaker sounds. IMO opinion the greatest benefits of horn-loading are to be had in the midrange, compression drivers sound undistorted with great detail and explosive dynamics, cones sound blah. My LaScalas, rolling in the mid horn at 400 cycles, sounded better in the mids then my Cornwalls rolling in at 600. Altec VOTs that rollin the horn at 500 sound better than the VOTs that rollin at 800 and both sound better than the 604s and 605s that rollin the horn at 1600. Now I haven't heard the RF-7, I went to hear it 2 nights ago but the dealer had none. But I don't see why this speaker would change my opinions of what sounds good, not after 30 years in this hobby and having heard untold numbers of speakers, I don't like cone midrange, that's why I'm a horny. But this is only my opinion, judge for yourself.

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Perstian, although my "HiFi" hobby goes back to the monaural days, even then I had a 15" woofer with an eight cell horn loaded mid-range in the center. I, too, have tried my local authorized dealer repeatedly... but the Cherry RF-7 samples are still in the box in the not-so-Good Guys! storeroom. So, I, too, can't comment objectively.

However, subjectively, I am in agreement with TBrennan all the way... and have been since those early days long ago!cwm38.gifthose loaded horns Tipsy.gif

Now, when it comes to (John) "Legendary Warren Report" Smash.gif ...with six KLF 30's and three KLF 10's and a KLF C-7 in a pear tree... all I want for Christmas is a "PWK Fixit Kit!"

The RF-7 are billed as easy to listen to... I guess that's an attempt to circumnavigate the deep water audiophiles who claim the horn approach to harsh for their tender trained ears. Personally, I'd rather hear the whole circus train... locomotive, tender, calliope, brass band, string quartet (need a class act!), man/cannon shot, lion's roar... right on to the jazz band in the caboose. You won't find me tuning in "easy listening" music so why opt for an easy listening speaker? (okay, so the logic is faulty... but I guess I am just not a Cone'Ed, mate!) cwm27.gif HornEd


"Where Legends Live! Klipsch Powered HT"


KLF 30 Center, KLF 30 Mains, KLF 10 Front Effects


KLF 30 L&R Side/Surrounds, KLF 30 Rear Effects


Twin SVS CS-Ultra sub with Samson Megawatt Amp


Mitsubishi RPHD1080i 65", Yamaha RX-V3000 Receiver

and such... Tweakin' On!

2-Channel Music Respite Room ala Cornwall under construction...

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Originally posted by HornEd:

Personally, I'd rather hear the whole circus train... locomotive, tender, calliope, brass band, string quartet (need a class act!), man/cannon shot, lion's roar... right on to the jazz band in the caboose.

Not to mention the wheels on the track, the linkage that holds the cars together, and the sound of the engineer blowing his nose! I love it - it makes it sound live and real!


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HornEd-I own no KLF systems. I own horns (Klipschorns, LaScalas, EV Patricians). Just sold a

pr. of University Deans. Also own JBL (L200s, L100s) + loose drivers from University, Stentorian, Wigo, JBL, Tannoy, Hartley, EV, Bozak, Permoflux, Jensen and a few others. Most of the stuff is collecting dust but still fun to have around.

I'm the only guy on my block that has a pair of NIB T-350 tweeters and NIB EV 15WKs.

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I think you are right on the money - it's the mids where horns just blow away cones. My k-horns will certainly play loud enough with just a few watts to hurt your ears, but that is really beside the point. The point being low distortion, high clarity and tremendous microdynamics. That's why, I think PWKs' designs sound so much more alive than most affordable designs of today.

John Warren,

No doubt!cwm32.gif

How to do it cheap did not seem to be his #1 priority.


I've had the experience of hearing some really nice sounding "audiophile" speakers playing jazz or classical music at moderate levels. But even at those moderate levels there is a kind of softness or rounding off of transients. And most often, very big amps working very hard were required to even do that!



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Thanks dougdrake2 for seeing the error of my ways and adding the parts I intended before I got derailed on a musical bent... except for the engineer's honker.

John Warren, you are a man after my own heart. Reading your hit list brings back many sound memories of horns that used to be. The KLF's were an experiment because I wanted to stuff eight of them into one "average" size room in what has become a very successful HT experiment. The KLF's have horns... but you have HORNS. And, as you know, HORNS beat horns any day of the week... but I respect HORNS too much to shoehorn them in... even the music/computer room Cornwall's should have more room. For the moment, my mother's health and well-being dictate remaining where she is most happy, in her smaller-than-I-like home of 50+ years.

You know, JDMcCall, it seems the term "audiophile" now means the fresh and alive sound I thrilled to as a boy in San Francisco Bay Area concert halls and coffee houses of the Beat Generation. I have nothing against the certified "audiophiles" because in the end it boils down to... to thine own "ears" be true... and if they prefer to live in an over-engineered fantasy world... than so be it. Let's face it, even watching Monday Night Football on a 65" RPHD Mitsu cradled amid a Klipsch soundwall is not quite like being in a stadium seat and missing the touchdown when some jerk got up before you did. And, today, the tons of sound gear and masterful recordist, mixers, etc. it takes to produce a jug band CD... makes me think we are losing the art of music to focus on the audio of engineering (as Ray Garrison might say). I'll just stay on the horn side of that equation if you don't mind.

It also seems that if the RF-7's are as great as they are cracked up to be... why are so many of us Klipsch minded folks denied the opportunity to hear them at local dealers across the country. It's a puzzlement! And, speaking of BIG HORNS... all we hear are "sheepish" comments down postponement lines... we need to hear they're running down Hope production lines! How else are my great-grandkids "ears" gonna get a good deal on a twenty-year old 2002 Klipschorn? Confused.gif HornEd

This message has been edited by HornEd on 08-22-2001 at 06:06 AM

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Sounds to me like most here would prefer the KLF by a wide margin to the RF series!Well I agree the big Klipsch speakers with horn loaded mids and highs have someting the new Klipsch lack.The big KLF30 has this midrange magic that is to some point missing on the RF.

Te larger(RF-5 and RF-7)RF series are no gentle speakers and can hit hard if driven by real amps.I know the K-Horns and KLF30's dont need a huge amp to give a huge performance.

I am very happy with my RF-5's,driven by a Celeste 4250 power amp(no reciever can even touch this kind of quality and power,the grip this amp has is impressive)

can give me the live performance.

You have to consider I use the RF-5's in a very small room! 10 x 14 feet,only!And when I get the RF-7's I should get most of the impact of a KLF30(minus the in your face midrange).

So for me the RF-5 and RF-7 are a better choice.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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